Friday, February 20, 2009


Chocolate Mousse Dome: our signature dessert. Silken chocolate mousse on a base of chocolate genoise, enrobed in a dark chocolate glaze and garnished with chocolate medallions. Serves 6 - 8. $25

Lemon Chiffon Torte
: vanilla genoise, almond joconde band, and tangy, light-yet-voluptuous lemon mousse, garnished with candied lemons. Serves 6 - 8. $25

Strawberry Bavarian
: luscious, plump strawberries nestled in a pillowy vanilla Bavarian cream, atop vanilla genoise. Serves 6 - 8. $25

Chocolate Torte
: Perfect for Passover, a rich yet light bittersweet chocolate almond torte. Serves 6 - 8. $25

Praline Dacquoise: Also flourless, two discs of crunchy almond dacquoise sandwiched with rich praline buttercream. Serves 6 - 8. $25

Macarons Parisien: The classic, elegant French almond-and-whipped-egg-white sandwich cookie. Available in lemon, chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon.

More items, including seasonal specials, will be added soon -- keep an eye out for new offerings!